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New York Possibly Set to Join Other 49 States in Adopting No-fault Divorce

According to a recent NewYorkTimes.com article, the New York Assembly is set to vote on a bill already passed in the Senate that would allow for no-fault divorce.  While every other state in the union has adopted family laws that provide for a no-fault divorce, New Yorkers seeking divorce must prove their partner is somehow legally responsible for the separation.

Critics of the new family law claim that passing the law would greatly increase divorce rates in the state.  Since California first adopted no-fault divorce 40 years ago there should be no need to speculate.  The Times article points out that once a state adopts no-fault divorce, rates do increase but only for about the first five years.  Once the initial pent-up demand is met, divorce rates tend to go back down and stabilize. 

The New York Assembly should vote on the measure early next week.