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Divorce Rates and Cohabitation Before Marriage

A NYDailyNews.com article cited a new report, which stated that parties who cohabitate before marriage were no more likely to get a divorce than parties who did not cohabitate prior to marriage.

The study, which surveyed 13,000 men and women between the ages of 15 to 44, reports that 71% of men who were engaged when they moved in with their future first wife made it to their 10th anniversary. For men who didn't cohabit before getting married, the success rate dropped slightly to 69%.

Statistics were similarly close for women, with 65% of cohabiting engaged couples standing the test of time, compared to 66% of women who waited until the marriage was official to shack up.

It appears that the old adage that parties who live together before marriage tend to get divorced more often may not be correct.