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New Technology in Divorce Cases

A recent article on VancouverSun.com described what has become more common in divorce cases, "virtual visitation".  As computers and technology have evolved, webcams and software, such as Skype, have allowed people across the globe the ability to communicate over the internet with both audio and video.

The statute regarding relocation with a minor child in a Florida family law case specifically mentions virtual visitation.  Florida Statutes Section 61.13001(9)(a) states, "The court may, in its discretion, order contact with the nonrelocating parent or other person, including access, time-sharing, telephone, Internet, webcam, and other arrangements sufficient to ensure that the child has frequent, continuing, and meaningful contact with the nonrelocating parent or other person, if contact is financially affordable and in the best interest of the child."

Parenting plans in both paternity and divorce cases where one party will relocate with the minor child should always include language that the non-moving parent have virtual visitation time with their child.