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What Do Children of Divorce Want for the Holidays?

No, this is not about the hot new toy or doll this holiday season.  Rather, how do children of divorce want to spend their time at the holidays.

A book about what children of divorce feel was discussed in a recent Huffington Post Divorce blog. 

Some to-dos from the article:
- Plan ahead with specific dates and times and narrate what's going to happen
- Be flexible about the plan
- Involve the children in planning, but the adults should make the ultimate decisions
- Create new traditions

Some don't-dos from the article:
- No adult meltdowns
- No amateur private detective work on the other parent's household
- When kids volunteer information about the other parent's household, do not overreact
- No surprises
- Coordinate gifts and consider pitching in to purchase a bigger gift

Family law cases are stressful enough for children.  These tips could help ensure that they enjoy the holidays to the fullest.