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Divorce Insurance?

A recent article on MSN.com detailed a new company, based in North Carolina, that is now offering divorce insurance.  For $16 per month, you can get divorce insurance that will pay for $1,250 of your family law case.  The article delves into whether or not it makes financial sense to get divorce insurance, based on the particular terms of the policy.

A person can purchase up to 200 "units" of divorce insurance for a total of $250,000 to be used for attorney's fees in your divorce case.  The main problem that I see with divorce insurance is the incentive to spend a great deal of money on your divorce case.  If the funds from your divorce insurance policy have to be used towards attorney's fees, wouldn't that ensure that parties spend a great deal of money on their divorce?  If parties truly want to avoid a costly divorce, perhaps an uncontested, flat fee divorce is a better option.  Uncontested divorces help reduce the total amount of litigation and cost to both parties.

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