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There are several different types of alimony that can be awarded to either spouse while they go through a divorce. Often, the facts of the case do not warrant an award of permanent alimony nor would it be appropriate to establish a rehabilitative plan. In certain cases, a spouse only needs assistance in making the transition from married life to single life. In this instance, Florida divorce law provides an alimony option called "bridge the gap" alimony.

Bridge the gap alimony is designed to provide support to a spouse for a shortened duration in order to ease the transition between married life and single life. Bridge the gap alimony typically is only extended for a brief duration, is defined in duration, and ends on a specific date. It is often appropriate for short term marriages and where the respective need for short term alimony can be established as well as the other spouse's ability to pay.

In the event the parties to a divorce are able to select and agree upon an appropriate form of alimony, then they may be able to take advantage of a collaborative divorce. By working together, the parties have the ability to make a cost effective decision while still providing the needed support for a spouse. When selecting this option, the parties consciously remove the stress of litigating alimony which allows the divorce process to move quickly to resolution.

Regardless of whether you and your ex are able to agree on spousal support, you may need an agreement in place to access the help. Our Tampa divorce attorneys have years of experience helping our clients retain bridge the gap alimony. Contact us today and schedule a free consultation. We will review your case and create a game plan that will seek to obtain your needs.

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