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Mediation is the most common form of alternative dispute resolution. In the family law arena, mediation is the single most effective tool available to litigants to expeditiously resolve their differences. It is available to parties prior to embarking on litigation in the form of pre-suit mediation. It is required by Hillsborough County Local Rules before a party may seek a temporary relief hearing and a final mediation is required before the Court will set a cause for trial.

Parties are required, and generally ordered by the Court, to attend and conduct mediation, although they are not required to settle. It is often said that mediation is the last chance for parties to resolve their differences between them, prior to placing their lives in the hands of a Circuit Judge. The process of mediation involves the use of an independent and neutral mediator, usually an experienced family law attorney, to facilitate the negotiation of a settlement of all or part of the issues pending in a case. The process is informal, non-adversarial, and totally confidential.

Successful family law mediation involves offers and counteroffers between the parties seeking a middle ground of compromise that both parties can accept. While there is no “pressure” to settle, the failure to settle ordinarily results in the extraordinarily heavy burden of the expense of litigation.

Ordinarily, mediation must await the completion of the exchange of mandatory disclosure and the filing of financial affidavits in order for the parties to deal with verified information about their finances. Mediation may result in a total, or partial, settlement of issues. At a minimum, the settlement of some of the issues pending between the parties helps to focus and crystalize the issues that are holding parties apart. This has the added benefit of refining the issues that “must” be tried, even though the parties may agree on many other issues.

All four attorneys in the firm are mediators and all of us understand and appreciate the value of the cost saving approach to dispute resolution. More than fifty percent of the cases that come through the office are successfully mediated, in whole or in part, bringing our clients financial and emotional relief from the torment of divorce litigation.

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