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When you and your spouse have divorced and reached an arrangement in all aspects including alimony, it is expected that both parties adhere to terms set forth. If one spouse is not complying or is refusing to comply with the divorce arrangement, it is extremely important that you speak with a Tampa enforcement of alimony lawyer. Our team at Givens Givens Sparks can be there to help you. It can be extremely frustrating and upsetting if your spouse is refusing to pay alimony for some reason. We understand that this can be a difficult and emotional situation for you and your family and we can help you.

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If the court has ordered you and your spouse to comply with a divorce arrangement, it is against the law to violate that arrangement. You have a right to file a motion for contempt. There are several ways this can be brought about which depend upon your specific circumstances. Our attorneys can help you with any questions and concerns that you might have about enforcing alimony in the state of Florida.

The following contempt actions may be taken:

  • Wage garnishment
  • Civil penalties
  • Fees and fines

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Failure to pay alimony can result in serious legal consequences. You have a right to ensure that your ex-spouse upholds his or her end of the arrangement that you both reached in either a settlement or in court. People all over the state rely on these types of financial payments to cover their basic needs, and halting, changing, or slowing these payments without permission from the court is very serious.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your alimony arrangement, you should speak with our legal team at Givens Givens Sparks immediately. If you and your family depend upon your divorce arrangement being upheld, you need to be informed of your options if your spouse is not paying or refusing to support you financially for whatever reason. There are proper legal channels to bring contentions like this in the Florida family courts. With more than 135 combined years of experience and two Board Certified Marital and Family Law Specialists on staff, we know what to do to help you through this situation.

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