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Modification of Child Support

Tampa Child Support Modification Attorney

Do You Need to Change Your Child Support Agreement?

Both parents of a child have a legal obligation to support their kid. Each parent’s ability to provide support for the child typically changes over time. In a divorce or paternity case, child support issues are resolved and set forth in an agreement or court order that states how both parents are legally bound to financially support their children. As the parent’s circumstances changes, so too might their child support contract.

Child support requirements can be modified in the state of Florida. There are several different factors that could contribute to the necessity of a modification of child support arrangement. For example, if you or the other parent has received a drastic increase or decrease in salary or if one child is no longer a supported minor, these are grounds for modification.

Allow an Experienced Family Law Attorney Represent Your Case

Both parents have the right to file a request to change the original arrangement. If one parent feels that he or she is paying too much or receiving too little, a request can be filed. A Tampa child support attorney at Givens Givens Sparks can help you through the entire process to ensure that your request goes smoothly and your children’s requirements are duly noted by the Florida courts.

We understand that your children are extremely important to you. We have worked with countless parents to help them modify previously agreed upon child support arrangements. The process can be very simple when you are working with an attorney who is intimately familiar with the topic, as we are. You must file all appropriate paperwork and petition the court to review and modify the agreement. If you or the other parent has experienced a significant financial change or other change of circumstances that would affect the amount of child support awarded, it is important that you speak with a lawyer who can help you determine the best course of action.

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