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Divorce, Romanian Style

According to an article by the Associated Press, the country of Romania recently passed a law that allows town officials to grant divorces and set their own fees in doing so.  Allowing each town to determine its own filing fees has resulted in different towns charging significantly different fees depending on each town's population and religious and social views on divorce.  In an effort to discourage divorces, some smaller towns are charging up to 60% of one's annual salary to get a divorce entered. 

While some Floridians are faced with a cost benefit analysis of staying together or moving forward with a divorce, such analysis normally does not include the filing fee for a dissolution of marriage case, which is around $408 in Hillsborough County.  Reconciliation is always encouraged if the parties can work out their marital problems.  But pricing citizens out of the right to a divorce could create safety issues, support issues, mental health issues, and equal protection issues here in the United States.  Contact an expert Tampa family law attorney to discuss the financial outlook and impact of your divorce or other family law matter.