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Gay Adoption in Florida

If you are a part of a gay or lesbian partnership and want to bring children into your modern family, then you will want to know a thing or two about the laws regarding gay adoption in Florida. According to The Huffington Post, Florida stopped enforcing its ban on gay adoption in 2010 when a state appeals court declared the law unconstitutional. The 3rd District Court of Appeal upheld a 2008 ruling by a Miami-Dade judge on the subject. The courts found no rational basis for why gays should be banned from adopting children. The Florida governor at the time announced that he was very pleased with the ruling because all children deserve a loving home.

Since this ruling, all gay and lesbian couples have the right to apply for adoption and cannot be discriminated against based on their sexual orientation. While gay marriage is not approved in this state, parents are allowed to adopt as a gay couple. The movement to allow gay adoption in Florida was significant. Before the ruling, Florida was the only state which still had an anti-gay-adoption stance. A law was passed in 1977 which prohibited all homosexuals from adopting children even as an individual. The law was upheld for 33-yearsw before it was struck down because of its discriminatory nature.

If you are a homosexual who is looking to adopt in the state of Florida, you will still want an accomplished attorney on your side. You don’t know if you will run into complications adopting so it is essential that you have an experienced lawyer on your side to help. Talk to a family lawyer at the Givens Givens Sparks if you need more information about how to best deal with your adoption case. We work hard to meet all divorce needs in the Tampa area and to help our clients get the secure family support that they need!