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Restraining Orders

Tampa Restraining Order Lawyer

Are You Looking To File For A Restraining Order?

When you or a family member has been the victim of inappropriate or abusive behavior in the home, it is very important that you understand your rights in the situation. If you or a loved one is being treated in a manner that provokes fear, embarrassment, hurt, or other upsetting emotional or physical state, you need to do something to get that abusive family member away from the family. In Florida, there are laws protecting victims of abuse.

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At Givens Law Group, our team of Tampa domestic violence attorneys have decades of collective years of experience to utilize on your behalf. We will work with you to get all of the necessary documents and evidence in order and help you throughout the legal process in order to secure the outcome you and your family needs. Contact us today to learn more about what steps you need to take.

How Abuse Can Affect a Family

You don’t have to live in a situation where a family member is terrorizing you. Even if you are not physically injured in any way – even if the person never even touches you – you can still suffer from abuse. You might be suffering from abuse if your family member treats you or your children in a manner that:

  • Creates an environment of fear
  • Intimidates you
  • Threatens you
  • Pressures you

It is important to protect yourself from personalities and behaviors that engender abusive and fearful situations. Especially if children are involved, it is in your best interest to speak with a Tampa domestic violence injunction attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options.

How Can A Restraining Order Protect Me?

You have legal rights, and if you want to remove the family member from your presence, you can go to court to obtain a restraining order. A restraining order (also called order of protection or domestic violence injunction), is a legal order that is issued by the state court of Florida in order to halt the abusive behavior that one person is inflicting upon another. If broken, it can lead to a number of legal consequences:

  • It could affect their immigration status if they’re in the process of applying for a green card or visa;
  • It could prevent them from owning or purchasing a firearm;
  • It could prevent them from contacting their children;
  • It could require them to move to a different home;
  • It could result in additional restrictions placed on the locations they visit and activities they take part in.

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Our Tampa domestic violence lawyers at Givens Law Group understand that this can be a very difficult decision to make, and we are here to support you throughout the process. We will stand by you and aggressively uphold your rights no matter what the difficulty or stress on your case. Our highest concern is that you and your family members are safe and cared for, and we will do everything we can to secure that outcome. Call us at (813) 328-6159 to speak with a member of our firm today or fill out our online form to get started with a case evaluation.

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