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Dividing Debt in Divorce

Dividing Debt in Divorce

Do You Know How Your Debt Will Be Divided During Your Divorce?

Even in the most cordial of divorces frequently turn contentious when the divorce process turns towards dividing assets, especially in states like Florida that don’t divide property or assets down the middle. Once you begin to factor in debts you and your soon to be ex-spouse may have, coming up with a fair and mutually beneficial outcome can become even more difficult which may become even more se depending on the size of the debts you need to factor in. An experienced family law attorney can help you prepare for this process to ensure that you secure the beneficial outcome you need to move on to the next phase of your life.

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How Should I Prepare?

The first thing you need to do when preparing for the property division portion of your divorce process is to take note of the names connected to the debt you and your spouse may hold, and whether or not it exclusively belongs to either party. This is especially important because in many cases, the company you or your spouse owes money to may not care about the agreements you make in the courtroom. If your name is on the bill that your spouse agreed to pay, you will likely still be responsible for any fees, penalties and / or interest that result from missed or delayed payments.

One avenue you may choose to pursue is handling all of your debts before signing the final divorce papers. The easiest way to do this may be to sell off major pieces of real estate like your marital home and using the funds to pay off your debts. This could have the added benefit of answering arguments about who gets to keep the home before they even start. You could also sign up for a new credit card and transfer your funds and debts to that new account to make sure that everything is connected to the right name. Whichever avenue you choose to pursue, a qualified divorce attorney can help you throughout the entire process to help you avoid any potential complications.

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